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Intellectual property is the most frequently neglected business asset, as it is typically valued only at book value, or does not appear at all, on a company’s balance sheet.

We assist clients to adopt a proactive approach, by formulating a comprehensive strategy to protect and enhance their intellectual property.

Methods to protect intellectual property include registration of patents, designs and trademarks, as well as corporate structuring and licensing whereby IP is held in a separate entity quarantined from risk.

In the case of industrially applied designs, it is particularly important that advice on registration be sought, as in most cases copyright protection will not be available.

We have advised on the protection and commercialisation of IP for companies including:

  • a US multinational in the packaging industry;
  • an international on-line gambling business;
  • an Australian multinational in the human resources industry, and
  • the creation of a trust for indigenous IP on behalf of a major tertiary institution.

We assist inventors to protect and then commercialise and take their products to market.  We are currently assisting a client in the rollout of a water measuring device to water boards across Australia and in the United States.

We recently undertook an IP audit for a major client to identify its intellectual property and then advised our client on ways for it to quarantine and protect the intellectual property for future commercialisation and third party equity participation.